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Self Portrait as Your Traitor

By Debbie Millman


Debbie Millman's illustrated essays and visual poems are part philosophy, part art, part deeply personal memoir exposing the universal triumphs and tribulations of being human. Her hand-lettered typography — sometimes tender, sometimes gritty, always breathtaking in its visceral candor — makes Self-Portrait as Your Traitor a moving masterpiece of a singular art form that speaks to our deepest longings for beauty, honesty, and the ineffable magic of what it means to live.

"The essays and poems in this new collection are presented in eccentric, beautiful ways. It's also - no surprise a gorgeously designed book."

"For readers, it's a chance to peek into a unique mind, and be alternately amused and shocked by what we find there... Millman uses large fonts, varied backgrounds, and a lot of other techniques to make the book as intriguing to gaze at as to read."

"A spectacular collection of illustrated essays and poems on everything from love to (self)forgiveness to the Super Bowl, blending the deeply personal mesmerism of a memoir with the profound, universal resonance of philosophy on our shared human triumphs and tribulations."

"Debbie Millman has demonstrated her ability to combine thoughts about design and everyday life with her own obsessive hand drawn typography, creating a new form of visual poetry. She has invented a 21st century illuminated manuscript."
from the Introduction by PAULA SCHER

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Editorial Reviews

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