Alex Center is a Brooklyn based designer who currently works for the small startup, The Coca-Cola Company. He grew up in the town of Oceanside, New York, home to the world’s 2nd Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs. He once worked for the New York Knicks as a designer where he met both his childhood idol, John Starks and nemesis Isiah Thomas. He has spent most of his professional hours being creative on behalf of the beverage brand vitaminwater. Over the years he has designed billboards, built breakthrough advertising campaigns, launched innovative new products, even written label copy and once met rapper 50 Cent who told him “You must think you’re pretty special.” He got nervous and instantly started sweating. In 2011, He was named one of the 200 Best Packaging Designers by Luerzers Archive. Today he works across a portfolio of global brands at Coca-Cola that include vitaminwater, smartwater & Powerade. In his personal time he enjoys rooting for New York sports teams that wear orange/blue, doing improv at the UCB Theatre and searching for the freshest prosciutto in NY.

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Alex Center

Alex Center




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